Pokemon Symphony

These are some of the main characters in the world of Harmone!


Kalak is a 16  year old boy from Prelude town. Since he was born, he was gifted with near superhuman senses and deep sensitivity to emotions both his own and others. Because of this, Kalak has always been extremely shy around both people and Pokemon. As a young kid, Kalak never made a single friend except for a girl who lived close by, Kira. Kalak enjoyed Kira's company, but he was never very interested unless Kira came to see him. One day,Kira (who is a year younger than Kalak), came to his room to tell him that she was leaving town with her Pokemon, Eevee. Kalak was deeply depressed for about a year after Kira left. He finally recovered after he met his first Pokemon who is now his best friend, Shinx. The pair remained in Prelude untill Kalak turned 16, then left to adventure, running into Kira on the way. Kalak was surprised to find that he felt deeper for Kira than he thought. His emotional sensitivity has caused him to fall in love, though he would never reveal it.

Kalak has deep blue hair and golden eyes. He wears black cargo pants, a T-shirt that is the same color as shinx's light fur, black fingerless gloves, and a black jacket that was custom made by his mother (though it is not obvious, as it looks very professional). It has a white outline of a pokeball on one side of the chest and a specially designed pocket for carrying shinx's pokeball. Kalak also eventually gets a silver lightning bolt necklace and even later on a pair of dark blue goggles with yellow tinted lenses. The necklace is two-of-a-kind, the second belonging to shinx on his custom made collar. They are made of eletite, a precious metal that makes colorful sparks when one polished piece touches another.


Kira, a cute 15 year old girl from Prelude Town, has always been a natural when it comes to making friends. She is well know for her kind but bubbly, (and often playfully flirty) personality and her ability to become friends with pretty much anybody she chooses. She lives only with her mother, as her father left the family to adventure as he did in his younger days as a star trainer. They have not heard from him since. When he left however, he left Kira with a very special parting gift: A newly hatched Eevee that is now her best friend. Kira and Eevee are both rather fond of their old neighbor, Kalak, and have always done their best to be his friend, although he can be very shy and reluctant to open up...or so he used to be before they reunited after four long years of traveling Harmone. Since she is so pretty, Kira has attracted the attention of many boys, and she enjoys flirting it up, but after meeting with Kalak once more, she has made many efforts (most still failed) to stop being such a flirt. She feels an attraction to Kalak that seems to have sprung from his opening up and showing his friendly and fun side for once. There isn't much that Kira doesn't enjoy, but this exclusive list includes:

  • bugs
  • trouble makers(especially Team Galactic)
  • people she finds annoying (very specifically Roary)
  • losing at anything
  • girls that have anything to do with Kalak (especially Sierra) other than Lilac or herself
  • Heights. Kira is TERRIFIED of heights.

Kira has a very cheerful appearance because she always seems to be smiling (except of course in the case of the items on the above list). She has long, fire truck red hair with a blond strip by her face and she has passionate, fire orange eyes that always seem full of spirit. She wears a pair of knee high, back combat boots, short short jeans, a red t-shirt with a khaki vest over it, and a black pokeball belt.


Richard is a 17 year old boy from Trill City. He is always up to any challenge, and refuses to back down no matter what is in the way, and can be irrational at times when trying to acive his goals. He wishes to live upto the legacy set by his mother who was a terrific trainer when she traveled the Jhoto region. She moved to Harmone in order to live with Richard's father who she met and fell in love with while he was vacationing in Jhoto. Richard has always felt as though in order to reach the same level as his mother, he would have to at least defeat the Pokemon League. His problem is, once he was wellon his way to reaching it, he was denied a single gym badge by a randomly befriended trainer, Kalak. Ever since then, Richard has become a rival of Kalak's, and does everything in his power to ensure that Kalak can no longer get in his way, even if it means extreme measures...Another goal of Richard's is to properly meet the beauty that travels with Kalak, who he has a rather large crush on. This is just one more way that he feels Kalak is an obstacle that requires overcoming. Richard's dominating personality usually drives people away, however his best friend is always up for rising to the occasion, and that is his first Pokemon, Buizel.

Richard is a bit older looking than 17, because he is kind of tall and has a professional and serious look about him. He has medium legnth spiky brown hair and contemplative blue eyes. He also has a small goatee. He wears dressy khaki pants and his pokeball belt is made to look dressy as well. He also wears a black shirt with a maroon jacket over top. It was given to him by his dad who claims it brought him luck in his adventures. He likes to leave his trainer card sticking out of the pocket on his chest the same way his dad did.


Lilac is an adorable 15 year old girl who recently moved to Harmone with her sisters Cyan and Marrigold. Although Cyan, the oldest of the three, is a hardcore Pokemon trainer, Lilac is far to shy about Pokemon, much like Kalak. Lilac is a very carefree girl who seems to enjoy life to the fullest (other than her pokephobia) and like to try new things. She also has strong morals, as she has had to be like a mother to Marrigold at times when Cyan is away. Lilac is always polite and compassionate, and can be timid when approached, but is still outgoing. She is also naiive at times, and very innocent at heart.

Lilac is named for her long, beautiful lilac hair and her loving purple eyes. She has a cute, innocent face that most boys adore from afar, and she can be a bit naiive about them. She wears a low cut white spaghetti strap top with lace around  the top and a purple flower on it. She also wears a lilac skirt, and she likes to pick and wear all kinds of flowers in different ways. She stands at 5'2", and weighs 103 lbs.

Lilac always makes it a point to try and keep everybody happy, and her innocent nature usually brightens a room well. It was by fate's hand that Kalak and Kira would come accross her in their journies, adding a third member to the party.


Roary is a boy from Trill City who can sometimes be a bit slow witted, and he doesn't exactly seem to be very well kept either. He does, however, have a strong heart with good intentions, and trainer skills that are rather good. He is also a good friend, though few give him a chance. He is 14 years old and is kind of girl crazy, but after a fated meeting with Kira, he became set on the idea that she was the girl for him. Roary always tries to help others, and claims it is his duty as a trainer. He wishes to someday work with the police to thwart the plans of Team Galactic, as his sense of justice is strong (just not his sense of social grace). He claims to have a brother, but nobody knows who it may be. He is supposedly good with technology and a decent trainer, according to Roary anyhow.

Roary is 5 foot 4, and has messy blond curls that (from the way he wears them) appear untameable. He has warm honey eyes that are bustling with a jovial kind of energy. He often wears a white and green vertically striped tee-shirt and a pair of jeans that are a bit too big, help up by his brown pokeball belt. He has a watch that also functions as phone and GPS system, designed by his brother.

Roary travels with pokemon that some say reflect his own personality, his first being Psyduck. Though he is a loyal companion, Roary is often upset by people's insults towards his pokemon.


Sierra grew up in a broken home in Lullably Drifts where her mother and father were constantly fighting and the only person she turned to for help was her older brother, who ran away and was never seen again. When she got the opportunity to become a Pokemon trainer at the age of 8, she jumped on it not only to see Harmone and get away from home, but to search for her beloved brother.. Because of her poor home life, she has difficulty connecting to others properly. Instead, she like to find comfort in boys. She is only 15, but she has an extremely flirty personality and can come on very strongly. While most boys can't resisit her looks and her seductive ways, she can never seem to find someone who wants to stay with her. This depresses her, but she hopes to one day find true happiness. She also has a dream of becoming a gym leader so that she can meet all kinds of Pokemon. She is sure that someday, her and the boy of her dreams will live happily together running a gym. Skillwise, Sierra is a prodigy when it comes to battling. She earned her first badge when she was only 8 years old, mostly due to how well she trained her Sneasle.

Sierra has long white hair with a hot pink streak from top to bottom and olive green eyes that have a deep and longing look in them. She wears a black and white stripped top and tight jeans that have a heart on one leg and a skull on the other. She also wears a black studded wristband on one arm, a pink one on the other, and a hot pink pokeball belt.

Even though Sierra can seem very misguided and childish, her determination and skill as a trainer define her as one of Harmone's most impressive.