Pokemon Symphony

These are Harmone's other noteworthy characters

Team Galactic

Although not a single character, Team Galactic is a major threat to Pokemon everywhere. The criminal  syndicate was dispersed to many parts of the world, each branch looking to accomplish different but but similar goals. The beginning of Team Galactic's notoriety was in the Sinnoh Region, where the energy of stolen Pokemon was used as a means of summoning the legendary Dialga and Palkia in hopes of erasing the current world and beginning anew. The leader at the time, Cyrus, had this in mind as a perfect world. When a couple of trainers thwarted his plans, he went missing. Now, the world was aware of the presence of this evil force, and cast doubt on other branches of Galactic. The Harmone branch has decided to claim no affiliation with their evil counterpart, instead claiming that their goal is to change the lifestyles of Pokemon in a way that will benefit the environment. Their true plans are shrouded in mystery.

Leo and Lilly

Two members of Team Galactic who frequently harass Kalak, Kira, and Lilac. They first encountered Kira during an attempt to steal her Pokemon a few years ago in Trill City. Since then, they have stalked her through Harmone and tried many times to capture her Pokemon, especially her rare Eevee. Now that she travels with Kalak, they are fond of his Shinx as well.

Leo, the male member of the team, is 24 years old. He has a stock of usual Galactic Pokemon, but rarely brings them along, preferring the use of his own Mareep. Leo was once a normal trainer who, at age 15, was fascinated by the Team Galactic HQ building. He would always visit, and began to talk regularly to the base's commander. Within a year, he had been convinced by the criminal that Galactic's cause was right, and enlisted as a grunt. Leo has spikey, sandy blonde hair that reaches his shoulders. He is 5' 7" and wears a normal male Galactic Grunt's outfit. He tends to come off as stupid to some people, but he is a brilliant strategist and supposedly a masterful chef. He has also been known to be very kind, sweet and gentle when he is not 'being a criminal'.

Lilly, Leo's female counterpart, Is 23 and like her partner, prefers only to use her own Pokemon, a Budew. Her enlistment to Galactic was a refuge from her home, where her father and mother neglected her in favor of her older sister Clara, who was a talented trainer. When Clara was killed in a plane crash, her parents seemed to completely forget about Lilly, and it was either live in a home with no love and little care or support, or be taken in by Team Galactic, who at least offered food and comfort. Even Team Galactic was a more loving family to Lilly than her parents, though her sister had always been kind to her. Lilly was only 12 when she joined. Now, she is 5' 5" and has long violet hair, wearing a normal female Galactic uniform. Lilly is surprisingly young at heart despite her dark past, harboring a love for theater and the overly dramatic, and enjoying games. She also knows what is necessary though. She believes that if they ever retired from crime, she and Leo could fall in love.

This pair has become very much obsessed with Kalak, Kira and Lilac now making every attempt they can to try and steal their Pokemon. The truth, however, is that they seem to like their personalities, and may enjoy their company more than their Pokemon...