Pokemon Symphony

The gym leaders, Pokemon league, and perhaps others...

Leader #1, Ratheus

Ratheus is the gym leader of Serenade City. He uses water type pokemon and is the keeper of the coral badge. He has earned quite a reputation for never losing his cool no matter how heated a battle becomes. Ratheus wears a blue tank top with a large water droplet on the front and wavy patterns on the top and bottom, a blue bathing suit, brown flip flops, a blue and black wrist band on each arm, and a blue headband with a pokeball on it. He has a very strong build, is said to be even stronger than he looks. Ratheus has aqua eyes and cool blue hair. He is 22 years old and has been gym leader since he took over for his mother at the age of 17.

Ratheus's most commonly used pokemon are Golduck, Marill, and Gyarados. Another tale surrounding Ratheus is that he supposedly had (and won) a battle against the legendary pokemon Kyogre during a surfing trip.

Leader #2, Verda

As keeper of the shrub badge, Verda defeated many trainers in the beautiful Harmone Garden Gym of Minuet Town. This grass-type using trainer, however, no longer holds the honorable title of gym leader. Over the course of a year, the young girl was corrupted by the onslaught of bribes and false promises made to her by Team Galactic. She began taking advantage of her position to scout out powerful Pokemon and then, with the help of other Galactic members, steal them away from their trainers. This is the dark reputation that Verda has left in her memory, as she now spends her days locked up (though it would come as no surprise if Team Galactic were to free her as they have freed many other less important members). She once had a much softer and likable reputation, however. She was friendly and easy to get along with. She loved to talk about Pokemon day and night, and she would often spend time taking trainers on tours through the vast flower fields of Minuet Town and Buzz Forest. When she began her life of treachery, however, a perfect lookalike was put in her place so that she could use her battling skills to help secure target Pokemon. Other than wearing her signature forest-green dress with a vermilion sash and pink gossamer around the edges, Verda's impostor (a master of disguises known amongst the Galactics as 'The X-Faced Beauty') was able to copy her flowing, curly chestnut hair with emerald-frosted tips, her softly glowing skin, and, with the help of slightly altered sandals, her five feet and four inches. What could never be replicated were Verda's innocent, warming green eyes and her spirit lifting smile, along with her skill in battle. For a fifteen year old with no trainers in her family, Verda Battled with intense skill, which earned her a place in the gym. The impostor Verda copied her choice of Pokemon and her battle style, but did not succeed nearly as often, leading Officer Jenny to become a bit suspicious.

Verda's party consisted of Jumpluff, Victreebell,Sunflora, and at one point, a Vileplume she had befriended in the flower fields as a child. When she became a criminal, Vileplume left her and ran off somewhere in the field she was born in.

Leader #3, Ariel

Ariel is the gym leader of Melody Town's Wind Tunnel Arena and a lover of flying types. She is the holder of the gust badge. Ariel is most noted for her freindliness, but few realize that she often feels pressured to live up to the standards of the previous Melody gym leader, her father Marten. She feels as though she has made a mistake by breaking the tradition of Melody gym leaders by using flying types, because all of the previous leaders used ground types. Ariel has light purple hair and soft grey eyes. She wears purple short shorts and a white bandage-like wrapped top. She also wears a large golden heart necklace, supposedly given to her by a former challenger. Ariel is 18 and has been the leader since she was as young as 14.

Ariel's pokemon of choice are Staraptor, Swellow, Fearow, and Noctowl. She caught each of these beloved pokemon of hers on a different continent, Fearow in Kanto, Noctowl in Jhoto, Staraptor in Sinnoh, and Swellow is from here in Harmone. It is said that her Swellow is the only known pokemon trained well enough to fly a trainer all the way to a different region.

Co-Leaders #4, Pymar and Ragmus

Blast Furnace Arena in Siren Town is Harmone's most unique gym in terms of rules. There are two co-leaders, brothers Pymar and Ragmus. Pymar is 25 years old, and Ragmus is 29. Together, they make a skilled multi-battle team that protects the ember badge with fire type Pokemon. While Ragmus tends to be very cool and in control, Pymar is known for being hot-headed and loud. His temper matches his appearance, as he is only 5 feet tall, whereas Ragmus adds another foot and five inches to that. Despite these differences, the two couldn't get along better, and they are both known to be very friendly and helpful around town. Ragmus was once the sole leader of the gym, taking over for his father at age 23. He soon found the joy in double battles with his brother, however, and when he turned 20, made him co-leader.
Pymar wears an orange teeshirt that has black markings on it mirroring the back of his favorite Pokemon, Houndour. He also wears medium grey cargo pants and a silver bracelet on each writs, also resembling the rings around a Houndour's feet. He has short crimson hair and a goatee, and fiery orange eyes like Kira's.

Ragmus wears a black teeshirt with gold mark on the shoulders similar to the shoulder pads of an Infernape and a bright flame pattern on the back. He wears black cargo pants and black fingerless gloves that have metal plates extending slightly up his wrists, also resembling the golden parts on an Infernape. He has shaggy white hair that is only a bit longer than his brothers and ocean blue eyes.

Each of the leaders has three Pokemon, preferring to model their outfits after their favorite. Pymar uses his Houndour, Ninetails, and Camerupt. Ragmus uses Monferno, Magmar, and Magcargo.

Leader #5, Alexis

21 year old Alexis is the leader of Seaside Stadium, the gym in Keynote Harbor. She is a lover of steel types, and the keeper of the Shimmer Badge. Alexis is all about three things: Socializing, Relaxing, and Pokemon! She often spends her time onboard the S.S. Lyric where she hides her identity of gym leader and simply has pleasant conversations with other trainers. She has learned to utilize the different strategies that she hears about and become a tough opponent since she became gym leader at age 19. She may be out on her boat trips often, but she never misses a challenge, because trainers coming from Siren Town always take the ferry anyway, so she knows when she has a challenger. She wears a red and black spaghetti strap top that leaves her midriff exposed, a thin, black headband, black fingerless gloves, white cargo pants and a pair of flipflops. She also likes to paint her fingernails and toenails red sometimes. She has shoulder length, light pink hair, and spiritful emerald eyes. Other than being a skilled trainer, Alexis is known for doing parkour around Keynote and for being very good at it. She tends to do handsprings, flips, cartwheels and more seeminly at random, but it is usually only when she gets excited about somthing.

Alexis' Pokemon of choice are Steelix, Skarmory, Aggron, Scizor and her most precious friend, Mawile

Leader #6, ???

Leader #7, ???

Leader #8, ???

E4 #1, ???

E4 #2, ???

E4 #3, ???

E4 #4, ???

League Champion, ???